Letter Writting

Massachusetts Contacts

This Web site is your portal to state government. From this site you can:

  • E-mail your representative
  • E-mail your senator
  • Keep track of state issues

Once you are on the site, go to Massachusetts General Court. Here you will find links to :

  • Current legislation
  • Text of Senate bills
  • Text of House bills
  • Committees

Don’t know who your elected officials are? Just put in your zip code:

Writing Tips

Writing to your state and national representatives.

  • Address a Senator or representative as: The Honorable (full name)
  • Address the chair of a committee as Dear Mr. Chairman or dear Madam Chairwoman
  • Address the Speaker of the House as: Dear Mr. Speaker or Dear Madam Speaker

The Letter

  • State who you are (constituent, stakeholder, expert, or representative of a group
  • State your concerns and what you want done. Be specific. Address only one issue per letter.
  • Include information and examples to support your position.
  • Keep you letter to one page.

Writing Tips On the Web

More Writing Tips

Writing to a newspaper or magazine

General Guidelines:

  • Keep your letter to a single issue.
  • If you are responding to a previously published article, identify the article by headline and date.
  • Include supporting information
  • Keep your letter brief

General Format:

  • Introduction, Two or three sentences stating the issue you are addressing and your position
  • Body, One or two short paragraphs describing evidence supporting your position.
  • Conclusion, One sentence reiterating your positron.

U.S. Contacts

This site lists the names and contact info for all 100 senators. contact info includes address, phone, and e-mail.

The House site is comprehensive, including contact info and legislative information with links to the house schedule, roll call votes, the United States code, and Thomas.

The direct line to writing to your representative is www.house.gov/writerep