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National Education Association. This site provides information such as for classroom tips, legislative news, statistical data and more from the national perspective.Massachusetts Teachers Association. Provides information concerning education on a state level. You can also sign up for a quarterly electronic newsletter.Massachusetts Community College Council. Provides union information relative to faculty and professional staff in the 15 community colleges of Massachusetts.
Social Security Offset reference
National Education Association (NEA) Massachusetts Teachers Association (MTA)
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Looking for mortgage financing or refinancing? A useful link for MTA sponsored home mortgages (Greenpark Mortgage) can be found at:
Retirement Benefits Sites.
MTA Benefits endorsed provider for financial education and planning. Financial Perspectives web site
Long-term Care Insurance
Protect your assets and your family. See if long-term care insurance should be a part of your retirement plan.
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call 800-684-2675 or go to:
MTA Home Mortgage Program
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