What is VOTE?
(Voice of Teachers for Education)

VOTE (Voice of Teachers for Education) is MTA’s Political Action Committee (PAC). Contributions to VOTE from MTA members make it possible for MTA to contribute to candidates who will stand up for public education.  Your dues dollars are not used to make direct contributions to candidates.

Massachusetts’ campaign finance laws limit the amount of support MTA can directly give to candidates. It also restricts who can solicit political contributions.  For example, the law not only prohibits public employees from soliciting political contributions from anyone, it also prohibits anyone from soliciting political contributions in any public building, such as in schools and on college campuses.  Therefore, you and your colleagues, because you are public employees, are legally prohibited from asking for contributions to VOTE anytime and anywhere, and no one (public employee or not) can ask for a contribution at school or on a public college campus.

These restrictions offer a significant challenge to devising effective ways for MTA to raise funds for VOTE.  Some options include fundraising events at MTA’s Annual Meeting, off school/campus site meetings with MTA staff or MTA retirees soliciting and collecting contributions and telemarketing efforts.

MTA’s Candidate Recommendation Committee (CRC), which is separate from VOTE, consists of two MTA members elected by their colleagues from each of the ten congressional districts.  The CRC determines which candidates receive MTA’s recommendation for election to statewide and legislative offices.

By pooling the contributions of MTA members, VOTE can give educators a stronger voice and more of an impact than they would have by contributing individually to candidates for elected office.

On Friday, September 20th 2002, the MCCC Board of Directors voted to create a Political Action Committee or PAC…

What is a PAC? (9/26/02)

To contribute to the MCCC PAC …please send donations to:
Phil Kennedy, PAC Treasurer
27-29 Mechanics St
Suite 104
Worcester, MA 01608