Special PA/AUC Meeting – 11/15/17

The special, joint meeting of the AUC and PA, November 15th 12:15-1:00 will be in the main lecture hall, room 102 in building 17.  At that time, we will take names for one person from the AUC and one person from the PA, to represent each body on the AVP search committee.
Anyone who can not attend, and wants to put in his/her name for nomination, should email Michele (mnash@stcc.edu) or Nick (camerota@stcc.edu) directly with the subject line “AVP search committee/” and then indicate if you are applying to represent the AUC or the PA.
Each candidate, who has been nominated and seconded, will have the opportunity to address the body for two minutes. Voting will be cast by ballot, at the end of the meeting.
Refreshments will not be available during this special meeting.