Contract Administration Tip – Office Hours


Full-time Faculty Office Hours

1) All faculty are required to submit their preferred office hour schedule at the beginning of the semester and post their office hour schedule by the end of the first week of classes.

2) Office hours are required on campus unless a faculty member is approved to hold office hours at an off campus instructional site or if the faculty member teaches an online course.

3) If a faculty member is assigned one (1) or more online course(s) as part of the faculty member’s day unit workload, the faculty member may, at his or her discretion, conduct one (1) weekly office hour online. Notwithstanding the above, faculty members may be allowed to conduct more than one office hour online upon the approval of the College President or President’s designee in his or her sole discretion.

4) Faculty are required to maintain four (4) office hours per week over four (4) days unless a faculty member has a reduced instructional workload.

5) For faculty with reduced instructional workloads, one (1) office hour is reduced for each three (3) credit hour course reduction.  This means that the number of days required for office hours is reduced by one (1) day for each office hour reduced.

6) Faculty can advise students during their office hours.

Adjunct Day Unit Faculty Office Hours

Adjunct faculty are not required to submit and/or post office hours under the day contract and/or the DCE Contract.  If you are a day/unit part time faculty member, then there is no requirement to post/ hold/provide office hours.  If you are a DCE unit member (day or evening), there is no requirement to post and hold set office hours, but there is language in the DCE contract that states you are obligated to be available to students by appointment when mutually convenient.