Contract Administration Tip – Workload

Workload Computation Forms – At the end of the drop/add period, workload computation forms are developed and faculty instructional and non-instructional workloads are determined.

The President or the president’s designee shall at the end of  the “add/drop” period of each semester compute the actual instructional workload for each full-time faculty member according to the workload formulas. The President or the President’s designee will on basis of the faculty member’s instructional and reassigned workload:

  1. Reduce the non-instructional workload in writing proportionately for any faculty member whose instructional and reassigned hours per week exceeds thirty-one (31) instructional and reassigned hours for faculty teaching only didactic courses or thirty-four (34) or more instructional and reassigned hours for faculty teaching other than only didactic courses; OR
  2. Determine in writing after discussing alternativeswith the affected faculty members whose load is below the twenty-nine (29) instructional and reassigned hour minimum (see alternatives – p. 4 of attachment).

Since preparation time and contact time have changed to give faculty more instructional hours under the 2015-2018, faculty should request their Workload Computation Form and review the pdf document attached for compliance. The Workload Computation Form is due at the end of the drop/add period each semester.

The 2015-2108 Workload Computation Form is also attached.


2013-2015 Contract Clarifications_Corrections

2015-2018-1 Workload Computation Form copy (1)