Contract Administration Tip – Student Evaluations

NON-TENURED AND TENURED FACULTY IN AN EVALUATION YEAR – The tabulated data from the Fall 2016 student evaluations for full-time faculty in an evaluation year should have been distributed to faculty by January 23 and these student evaluations will be evaluated by the immediate supervisor in the summary evaluations on February 1.   The student evaluation process is a stand alone evaluation and no decile rankings, department averages, division averages, and college averages are allowed.  If your summary evaluation and/or student evaluation comments include any comparative analysis, please contact your chapter leadership so they can pursue an individual or chapter grievance.

TENURED FACULTY IN NON-EVALUATION YEAR – Although student evaluations were administered to tenured faculty in a non-evaluation year, the tabulated data from these evaluations shall be sent only to the tenured faculty member and they are NOT part of any summary evaluation.

Attached is an outline of the Student Evaluation and Summary Evaluation Process.