DCE Course Cancellation Fee

10.06   If a faculty member is offered and accepts a course which is subsequently cancelled, there will be no break in previously accrued seniority or credit towards eligibility for reappointment.  If such course is canceled within seven (7) calendar days prior to the first scheduled class for the assigned course, the instructor shall receive two hundred and twenty-five dollars ($225); provided however, there shall be only one cancellation fee paid for multiple sections of the same subject.


A ‘calendar day’ is defined in this context as the 24-hour period from midnight to midnight.  For the purposes of calculating the ‘seven (7) calendar days’ cancellation period, Day 1 shall be the day of the first scheduled class of the assigned course. Example: If a class was first scheduled to meet on a Tuesday, the notice of cancellation of the course on the previous Wednesday or later would necessitate the payment of the cancellation fee.