Full Time Faculty and Part-time Day Unit Faculty Class Enrollments

The workload article of the MCCC day unit contract defines the number of students that are allowed in each class per semester depending on the type of course.  These calculations are made at the end of the add/drop period. If a faculty member exceeds the total number of students, then there shall be a proportional adjustment in the succeeding semester.
The average number of students in each course is 32 students per semester except in the following courses:
1) 28 students for writing and/or critical thinking intensive courses (see note below).
2) 22 students for English Composition, English as a Second Language, introductory foreign language courses, remedial and/or developmental courses.
Writing and Critical Thinking Intensive Courses:
There must be mutual agreement between the unit member and the immediate supervisor  to reduce the number of students from 32 to 28 in intensive courses.
For writing courses, the course description and the syllabus should be sufficient to show that course is a writing intensive course.
For critical thinking courses, the attached document  defines the requirements of this course.
All of the above student enrollment averages are based on total students for all classes. Therefore, for example, It is permissible to have 5 classes with enrollments of 34, 30, 32, 33, 31 because the average number of students is 32 which is within the contractual limit.


Distance Ed Courses – For the first 2 times taught, the maximum is 25 students.  Thereafter, the above-referenced day contract numbers apply.
Limited Space –  Limited and available physical space will mandate the number of students especially for safety concerns. There  is no language regarding class size for labs, but in accordance with the facilities article (3) and the safety article (2), the employer must make reasonable efforts to provide space and necessary equipment to carry out assigned responsibilities.   For example, if there are only 24 work stations, then the employer could not assign more than 24 students.


If you believe that your course is one of the above-referenced courses and you exceed the maximum student enrollment, contact your immediate supervisor to resolve the matter.  If no resolution is reached, contact your chapter grievance coordinator or me.


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