URGENT: STCC/PA delegates to MTA Annual Meeting

Please consider representing the MCCC and our chapter as a delegate to MTA Annual Meeting in May.

MCCC members who want to be delegates to the MTA annual meeting (May 13-14, Hynes Convention Center, Boston) must put their names in this Thursday (February 4th) by 3:00 p.m. To do so, go to http://mccc-union.org/NOMINATIONS/ and use the on-line nomination form, choosing the box (upper left) MTA Annual Meeting Delegate.  It only takes a couple of minutes.

MCCC delegates are reimbursed $75 per day they attend, and the MCCC also pays for a shared hotel room for people who live more than 50 miles from Boston.  By far the most important reason to be a delegate is the opportunity to be involved in deciding the course of our union, but some people welcome the chance to be in Boston with expenses covered.

The MTA is having a hotly contested election, and only delegates can vote in this one. Furthermore, delegates also decide on dues increases, budget, and MTA positions on issues.