MCCC Annual Delegate Assembly

Professional Association members:

This year’s MCCC Annual Delegate Assembly will be held on Saturday, May 4th at the Courtyard by Marriott Hotel, 75 Fellon St. in Marlborough.  The Delegate Assembly approves the budget for the upcoming year which includes membership dues.  It also votes on the adoption of any proposed bylaw changes.  Recognizing the significant contributions of individual union members through various awards will also be part of the Assembly.  STCC is allowed to have sixteen union members attend.  If you would like to attend please call or text Nick Camerota @ 413-896-5219.
thank you,
Lynn McDonald



For immediate statewide distribution,
Dear MCCC faculty and professional staff,
Please note that the next 2 months will be filled with budget activity at the State House. As educators, our voices need to be heard in these spending and funding debates. Do know that your emails and calls to legislators truly matter. Just recently, your contacts with legislators made an important difference. The public higher education allocation included in the proposed House Ways & Means Budget represents a 10% increase in FY14 funding over last year’s budget. This is very good news!
This week the House will debate these budget recommendations, so once again, MCCC and MTA need your support on pro-education amendments. Among these, in particular, we support amendments that will increase funding for state scholarships to public colleges and universities as well as another amendment that would ensure that the proposed higher education funding commission does not simply look at how to cut costs, but also closely examines how to fund our colleges to serve post-secondary students with a wide variety of career, transfer, and individual needs.
Please read the email below from MTA’s President, Paul Toner, and Vice President, Tim Sullivan, regarding a  summary of the House budget proposal and what you can do to help strengthen this budget for MA students, from pre-K through graduate school. Then:
  • Go to the MTA’s website and send an email to your State Representative. It will take only 3 minutes to use the Cap Wiz system. (See the MTA email below.)
  • MCCC Chapter Presidents and SAC activists: Be sure that you send your message right away and then personally contact each MCCC leader on your campus (by phone or in person) and ask them to do the same.
Thank you, and please stay tuned: In May and June we will need your input on the Senate Budget proposals and the Conference Committee’s Budget. (The latter reconciles any budget differences between the two chambers.)
Diana (Donnie) McGee
MCCC Vice President & SAC Chair
MTA Board of Directors
Cell: 508-415-1513

The MTA is asking members to contact their state representatives and urge them to support legislative amendments that would address critically important education funding needs in the House Ways and Means Committee’s proposed budget. …
The committee’s FY14 budget plan, released on April 10, begins to reverse 13 years of cuts in public higher education but is short of Governor Deval Patrick’s proposed budget.
The Ways and Means budget does make a substantial increase in funding for public colleges and universities, as well as a modest increase in Chapter 70 funding. However, early education programs for young children were cut by 3 percent compared to FY13.

Of the hundreds of amendments that have been submitted to the Ways and Means Committee, some address funding gaps for education, providing resources for early childhood education and care and literacy programs in Gateway Cities.

We know that as an educator, you are vitally concerned about the future of education funding in Massachusetts. So don’t delay. Add your voice by going to this Cap-Wiz message system to support MTA-backed amendments:
Paul Toner & Tim Sullivan