Last call for volunteers

To all MCCC union members both full time and adjunct/part time:
Last call for volunteers to help us help you by volunteering to take one day out of your busy schedules to attend the MCCC Delegate Assembly this Saturday, April 28, 2012.
At this annual meeting members discuss and vote to set policy and goals for the up coming year, adopt our annual budget and our dues for 2012-21013.
Please volunteer to serve our union as we try to move forward in representing your interests both here at STCC and statewide.
To date I have the names of 8 of your colleagues who have volunteered to serve. We need 14 more to fill out our delegation and give us a strong voice in our union. Please let me know that you will attend.

Election Results

Since the candidates for the STCC Professional Association’s Executive Committee all ran unopposed, the forty-six PA members present at Monday’s meeting voted unanimously to elect the slate of candidates.  The newly elected (or re-elected)Executive Committee will hold office from July 1, 2012-June 30, 2014.
President:                                     Nicholas Camerota
Vice President:                             Eric Brown
Treasurer:                                     Daniel Hebert
Secretary:                                     Lynn McDonald
Board of Directors:                         Roberta Albano
At Large Member:                          Carole Dupont
At large Member Professional Staff: Vin Grassetti
At Large Member Part-time:            Julie Sokol