Change in the Deadline for the PA Nominations

Dear STCC PA Members
There has been a change in the Deadline for the PA Nominations. The date for the Deadline remains the same. But the time has been moved from 4 p.m. on Monday April 2, 2012 to 12 noon on the same day.
A candidate for any of the following offices must file this form, or a copy, with the STCC/PA Nominations and Elections Committee (in care of Michael Magala (Bldg. 13, rm. 304) by 12 noon on Monday, April 2, 2012.
Please take note of this change.

MCCC elections

Hi everyone,
This is a reminder that online voting for the MCCC elections closes on March 23 at midnight. While the officer positions are uncontested, candidates for the adjunct/part-time directors and delegates to the NEA-RA are not. All candidates would appreciate your voting in our first online election.

See the links below and please vote TODAY.

Joe LeBlanc

Two Actions Requests

Dear MCCC Chapter leaders, members, and SAC representatives,

First, many thanks to all who took part in the Higher Education Lobby day at the State House on March 8th. It was a huge success. More than 600 higher ed. faculty, staff, students, alumni, union leaders, and administrators joined together to let the Legislature know that public higher education needs more funding. Many of them also emphasized that the Governor’s community college reform proposal was not in keeping with the mission of our colleges and the needs and goals of our students. Thanks as well to all who have lobbied their legislators to date about these two issues. Right now, the MCCC is not sure if we have enough legislative support to send the Governor’s reform proposal to a study. We need your help.

Two Actions Requests: Contact your Representative this week; report back to MCCC Leadership

1) Contact your Representative:
MCCC leadership needs to know where our MA Representatives (not Senators) stand on the Governor’s community college reform proposal. The House will be completing its budget deliberations in the next few weeks, so it is important that you call your Representative by Wednesday, 3/21 if you do not know his/her position on this proposal.

The Message: Ask Representatives to oppose the Governor’s plan and send it to a study committee chaired by the Joint Chairs of the Committee on Higher Education. Find out if your representative will or will not oppose this plan. Write down any questions, concerns, or suggestions that either the Representative or his/her staff may have.

Contacting Representatives:

To find out who your State Representative is, go to:
To reach your representative by phone,
call the main State House number (617-722-2000) and ask to be connected to your legislator.

2) Report back your Representative’s stance or questions to your MCCC SAC representative and chapter President and copy me. SAC team members will be following up with phone calls and/or meetings with any Representative who needs more information. Be sure to report back by Friday, 3/23/12.

State Representatives are in the process of drafting their version of the State House budget. As you know, the Governor has attached a community college reorganization and reform proposal to his version of the state budget. The MCCC opposes the Governor’s plan because we do not want our campuses to lose their unique connections to our communities. We do not want Board of Higher Education to have the control to redirect the mission of our colleges in such a way that it will direct more resources towards workforce training at the expense of our current mandate to serve the needs and aspirations of all our students. We are concerned that this new reform proposal will undermine our colleges’ ability to provide transfer and accredited degree programs in the arts and sciences and the essential, transferable skills that all employers want for employees in the 21st century.

See the attached talking points for more discussion of these concerns.
To view online a related Fall River Herald News Guest Opinion that I authored, go to:

MCCC Board Motion in opposition to the Governor’s proposal:

Note at the MCCC February Board of Directors’ meeting (2/24/12) a motion opposing this reform proposal was passed unanimously:

Motion: The MCCC believes that the only way for community colleges to promote student success and responsiveness to community and workforce needs is with an open, inclusive and transparent process. Therefore, the MCCC opposes Outside Section 30 of the Governor’s budget that proposes to eliminate the Legislature’s budgetary discretion and reorganize the community college structure. To that end, the MCCC asks the legislature to move the Governor’s outside section on community college reform to a study committee to be led by the Chairs of the Joint Committee on Higher Education.
Please lobby your REPRESENTATIVE ASAP. Your actions today could help preserve the current community college mission to make quality higher education accessible to all members of our communities. Please get involved.

Thank you,