Optional Retirement Plan (ORP) bill (S1173) to the Senate Ways & Means Committee

For immediate statewide distribution: Dear MCCC, MTA, and ORP leaders and colleagues,   The Senate Ethics and Rules Committee moved our Optional Retirement Plan (ORP) bill (S1173) to the Senate Ways & Means Committee this morning where it awaits further review. We need statewide political action ASAP to keep this bill alive and moving forward. I have attached the latest talking points with some related background information. Please review this document before making your calls. Note that S 1173 has been redrafted with input from the  MTA’s tax attorney to address all concerns related to the proposed legislation’s Internal Revenue Code compliance. I do not have an electronic copy of this latest draft, but that redraft was forwarded to the Senate Ways & Means.   What you and your ORP faculty colleagues can do:

  • Contact your Senator, let him/her know that this bill is important to you, and ask if s/he will support this bill.
  • Ask Senators if they will contact Senate Ways & Means Chair, Steven Panagiotakos, to urge him to act favorably on this bill and move it to the Senate floor for a vote.
  • Let me know if you are running into resistance or hear concerns about this bill’s passage.
  • Stay tuned for further political action requests as this bill moves forward in the legislative process. Each movement will require your making more calls to your legislators.

Contact information for Senators:

Thanks to all of you who have worked so hard on this campaign and the related political action to date. Thanks in particular to UMass Amherst professors (Myrna Cronen, Larry Schwartz, and Michael Maroney) and UMass Lowell professors (Tony Sczcesiul and Garry Handelman) for joining me in meetings last week with Senator Rosenberg’s staff and Senator Panagiotakos staff. Thanks as well to the ORP and MCCC chapter leadership from Middlesex Community College this past week.    Your calls today could make a difference in this bill tomorrow. Urge your colleagues to join you in this effort.   Thank you,   Donnie   Diana (Donnie) McGee MTA Board of Directors
MCCC Vice President & SAC Chair
Cell: 508.415.1513
Email: vice-president@mccc-union.org