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Optional Retirement Plan on-line survey

For immediate statewide distribution:
Dear Chapter Leaders and ORP-enrolled faculty,
The deadline to complete the Optional Retirement Plan on-line survey is this coming Friday. It is important that MTA and MCCC leaders have the best information possible as we go forward with the campaign to enact legislation that would provide faculty with an informed retirement choice. If you or the faculty on your campus have not responded, it is imperative that they do so immediately if they want to be part of this survey. For further information, see the email I sent out below on March 11, 2010. Also note that it is important that those ORP faculty not interested in this plan should also take part in this less than 5 minute survey. The link for this survey is below:
Note little or no response has been received from the following campuses:
Community Colleges:
  • Bristol
  • Greenfield
  • Mass Bay
  • North Shore
  • Roxbury
  • UMass Amherst
  • UMass Boston
  • UMass Dartmouth
  • UMass Medical School
State Colleges:
  • Fitchburg
Thank you for your support in distributing this message to ORP faculty and for participating in this survey. The results of this survey will be shared at the next Higher Education Leadership Council meeting and in the next ORP update.
Donnie McGee
Diana (Donnie) McGee
MCCC Vice President & SAC Chair
Cell: 508.415.1513