Monday’s ORP Lobby Day a huge success

Dear colleagues, Thanks to everyone from across the state who made Monday’s ORP Lobby Day a huge success. More than 30 faculty from 11 of our community colleges convened on Beacon Hill to jumpstart the campaign to enact SB 1173. Our colleagues from the State Colleges, UMass Amherst, and MTA joined MCCC at the Public Service Committee Hearing that morning and participated in the lobbying activities that afternoon. SB 1173 would allow faculty enrolled in the Optional Retirement Plan an opportunity to transfer to, and buyback creditable service in, the State Employees Retirement System. Continue reading

We have a new Day contract.

We have a new Day contract. Nominations and Elections Committee Chair Sharron Gillies announces the results below.
The formal signing of the 2009-2012 Day Agreement will take place tomorrow at a Community College Presidents Council meeting at Quinsigamond Community College. The cost item request to fund this contract will be sent to the Governor’s office as early as next week.  After the Governor signs the cost item request, it will go to the House and Senate Ways and Means Committees where it will await funding along with the other MTA higher education contracts.
We will keep you posted in coming weeks and months as the funding process progresses. Our goal is to have the contract funded in a timely manner to allow our first salary increases to take effect as scheduled in July, 2010.
More contract and other MCCC news will follow in my next statewide update tomorrow.
Joe LeBlanc

The ORP Lobby Day and Public Service Committee Hearing

Dear MCCC leaders, SAC representatives, and ORP-enrolled faculty,
The ORP Lobby Day and Public Service Committee Hearing on SB 1173 will take place on Monday, September 21. As most of you know, this bill would provide a one-time opportunity for faculty and administrators enrolled in the Optional Retirement Plan the chance to make an informed decision about their retirement security and buy into the State Employees Retirement System.
If you are affected, please attend the ORP Lobby Day festivities that the MCCC has planned. It is an important opportunity for you to give voice to the merits of this bill. Your voice is truly needed if we expect this proposed legislation to move forward. Please see the attached ORP Talking Points to understand the issues and the importance of supporting this legislation.

Health Care Contribution Program (HCCP) and Early Retirement Incentive contained in the MCCC Agreement

Good afternoon:
The question has arisen as to whether Early Retirement Incentive payments due and payable pursuant to the terms of Section 9.04 of Article IX of the MCCC Agreement are, for people taking advantage of the HCCP, to be paid in one installment, as is the normal practice, or in four installments.
Chapter 65 of the Acts and Resolves of 2009 provides, in pertinent part, that “…an employee  who elects to retire under this section and is eligible to receive a payment in lieu of accrued vacation time, unused sick leave or other benefit under such agreement or contract shall waive the required remittance of that payment within 30 days and shall receive ¼ of such payment on January 31, 2010, ¼ of such payment on July 1, 2010, ¼ of such payment on July 1, 2011, and ¼ of such payment on July 1, 2012.” Accordingly, on the basis of the above, the Early Retirement Incentive would be paid out in four installments. Continue reading