If there are any union members who are under the ORP

If there are any union members who are under the ORP rather than the regular State Retirement Plan and would be interested in representing your fellow ORP members on the Ad Hoc ORP Committee please let me know by e-mail as soon as possible so that I can notify Donnie. The next meeting of the committee is 9/4/09 at the MCCC office in Worcester.

Special meeting on Friday September 11 at 2:30pm in Building 2 Auditorium

Good morning STCC Professional Association members,

The STCC Professional Association will hold a special meeting on Friday September 11 at 2:30pm in Building 2 Auditorium (after the college’s opening meeting).

Rick Doud, a member of the MCCC Negotiating Team and possibly others will be present to discuss terms of the contract and to answer questions from faculty and staff.
Please try to make every effort to attend this important meeting.

thank you,
Lynn McDonald
STCC Professional Association

Meeting set for the first week of classes, more details as soon as I can get confirmation

I hope that everyone has received a ballot to vote on the tentative agreement by now, along with some limited information on it. I am trying to set up a special meeting of the STCC/PA and have invited some of the negotiating team to attend it to explain in greater detail what the contract provides for as well as to answer your questions prior to you voting on this contract. I am currently looking at a meeting set for the first week of classes and will give more details as soon as I can get confirmation from the team as to their being able to attend.

A change to state retirees’ health insurance

On Wednesday, July 29, the Legislature passed H. 4151, a supplemental budget, that included, among other things, a change to state retirees’ health insurance.

As you know, the final FY10 budget contained increases to state employees’ health insurance premium costs, specifically, increasing current state employees’ costs (previously 85/15 for those hired before June 30, 2003) to 80/20 and to 75/25 (previously 80/20 for those hired after June 30, 2003),  but keeping retiree health insurance premium costs at 85/15 (employer pays/employee pays), for those who retire after July 1, 1994 (those who retired before July 1, 1994 are still at 90/10). Continue reading

Public Service Committee hearing on ORP

Public Service Committee Hearing on ORP Legislation (Senate Bill 1173):
As those of you who have been receiving and reading ORP emails know, the State House hearing date for the ORP legislation that we filed (S 1173) is September 21, 2009. Three members of the ORP Committee and I will provide testimony at that time. Others may attend this hearing, but do not take personal time to do this. Save that for the Lobby Day, if you have it.

ORP Lobby Day:
As previously indicated, the ORP Ad Hoc Committee is planning a Lobby Day at the State House and is seeking your support. If this legislation is really important to you, the committee and MCCC leadership would like you to be there to demonstrate your support and to lobby your legislators and those serving on the Public Service Committee. Continue reading