Urgent Action Needed!

Urgent: Our MCCC President has urged all members to contact their district Senator today and ask to stop the proposed increase to our GIC Insurance. Please make the call to: 617-722-2000 and ask to be connected to your State Senator.

If you are insured by the state and have the comprehensive GIC Insurance plan your health insurance premium could double if you were hired before July 1, 2003 and increase by two-thirds if hired after that date.

Senator Michael Morrissey has put for an admendment that supports an 80/20 split on insurance premiums. Although this is not ideal, it is better that than 70/30 split proposed by the Senate Ways and Means Committee.

Your call is important to help stop the proposed Health Insurance increase.

State Senators Need to Hear from MTA Members NOW

Next week the state Senate is releasing its budget, which will be based on even lower revenues than either Governor Patrick’s budget or the House budget, meaning more drastic cuts – including cuts to public education!

Many senators are reluctant to raise revenues unless they hear from you, their constituents, that you support their efforts to raise revenues to reduce these drastic cuts.

Please call 617-722-2000 or e-mail your state

senator today with this message:

For more information, contact:

Cathy Fichtner, MTA Governmental Services

cfichtner@massteacher.org or 617-878-8257

or visit www.massteacher.org