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No Discussion About Us, Without Us

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SAC ALERT: Budget Action Request ASAP – ONE IMPORTANT PHONE CALL to your State Representative – NOTE: no increase to the GIC split

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Dear Colleagues,

Quick action is needed on the proposed House Ways & Means Committee Budget. Make one simple phone call to your State Representative ASAP.

The budget debate on the proposed Committee Budget begins tomorrow, Tuesday, 2/28/15 in the House Chamber. The proposal level funds our community colleges from the 9 C cuts they struggled with last fall. Please make calls by noon tomorrow, if possible, to support increases in college budgets, special programs, and student scholarships.

Ask your representative to support these four amendments:

#921 to provide additional funds for each community colleges in order to restore the CC base line item to pre-9C cut levels
#571 to support a $1.5 million Community College Workforce Training Incentive Grant Program
#927 to increase the MassGrant student scholarship program by $2.2 million\
#240 to increase the Dual Enrollment Program by $750,000, to allow for a DHE career pathway grant

Contacting your Rep.:
To find out who your Representative is, go to this website: www.wheredoivotema.com

Call the main State House phone number (617-722-2000) and ask to be connected to your Representative.

Out of state faculty and professional staff at Bristol, you may contact any one of the following Fall River/Westport Representatives: Carole Fiola, Paul Schmid, or Alan Silvia. Call the State House number above, and identify yourself as a faculty or professional staff member at Bristol CC. Should the staff ask if you are a constituent, let them know that you are not. Simply tell them that you are a concerned educator at the college who wants to be sure that community colleges and student programs receive more funds, so that colleges can effectively serve their communities and students will be less burdened with debt.

Thank you,

Donnie McGee

MCCC Vice President

Change in Rank

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Change in Rank – By April 15, 2015, the president of your college should have announced the president’s decision regarding who will receive a change in rank to assistant professor, associate professor, and professor.   If you were eligible to be considered for a change in rank this year and did not receive a change in rank, I recommend that you request a copy of  the dean’s and the president’s recommendations and the reasons why you were not promoted.   Except for criterion C below (student evaluations), these decisions are professional judgment decisions and subject to the reasonable standard and the grievance procedure.  Please note that eligible faculty who  fall in the top 20% for two successive student evaluations automatically receive a change in rank.
If you are not satisfied with the reasons for denial of a change in rank, you have until May 15, 2015, to file a grievance.
In accordance with the Contract, one of the following criteria has to be met to receive a change in rank:
Contract Language
14.04   Additional Qualifications
Eligible unit members who also meet at least one of the following four criteria since the last change in rank or date of hire, whichever is later:
  1. Evidence of significant relevant professional development;
  2. Significant contribution to the College or community service;
  3. Falling in the top 20% of the College faculty in that unit member’s most recent two successive student evaluations;
  4. Highly effective instructional performance of a faculty member in the professional judgment of the President of the College; shall be accorded a change in rank.
No Funding – At the present time, there is no funding for the 20 points earned for changes in rank.
Dennis Fitzgerald
MCCC Grievance Coordinator
170 Beach Road #52
Salisbury, MA 01952email mcccfitzy@comcast.net
tel   978-255-2798
fax  978-255-2896

PA Meeting

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Please note the April 10th meeting will be held in Building 2, 7th floor during the college hour.  Lunch will be provided.


PA Meeting

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The next PA Meeting is Monday, March 9, 2015 during the college hour.  Please note that this meeting will be take place in Building 13, Room 111.

Nominations for the Butler, Lemieux, McGee and Palmer Awards

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Nominations for the Butler, Lemieux, McGee and Palmer Awards are due on Feb. 15. Follow this link for more information and nomination forms:


Awards will be presented at our April 25th Delegate Assembly at the Courtyard by Marriott in Marlborough. Please consider running as a delegate.

Joe LeBlanc

DCE Contract Tip: Make-up work for courses cancelled due to weather

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Joseph Rizzo
MCCC DCE Grievance Coordinator

Given the number of classes cancelled due to inclement weather, it may be helpful to review the relevant DCE contract provision regarding missed classes. Faculty are responsible for making up this work by any of the four means noted below. Two of the possibilities include actually making up the lost time and the other two methods involve an alternate means of covering the material and fulfilling the contractual obligations of faculty. It may be possible to combine these methods since classes meeting on certain days of the week experienced multiple cancellations. Any of these make-up methods require college approval. The college should not be arbitrary, capricious, or unreasonable in making this determination.

It should also be noted that the contract provision included below is applicable to courses offered under the auspices of DCE regardless of the time of day that the course meets. Most part time faculty in our system are covered by the MCCC/BHE collective bargaining agreement.

13.04 Classes shall be held as scheduled, including during finals week. In the event classes are cancelled due to inclement weather, other emergency, or recognized college holiday or whenever a regularly scheduled class is not held for whatever reason, the unit member will be responsible for completing the obligations of the employment contract and subject matter content in one of the following ways with the prior approval of the College:

1. schedule a meeting of the class on another day that is mutually agreeable to the unit member, the students and the College;

2. begin earlier and/or end class later for as many sessions required to compensate for the time missed;

3. assign a paper, project, or a self-directed learning experience which will require a time span equivalent to one class period;

4. by another method proposed by the unit member and approved by the appropriate dean.

Please feel free to contact
Joseph Rizzo, MCCC DCE Grievance Coordinator, if you have any questions. Grievance-DCE@MCCC-union.org


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Dear PA member,
I encourage you to nominate yourself to serve as a delegate to the Annual Meeting of the Massachusetts Teachers Association, to be held FridaySaturday May 8-9 in Boston. If you put your name in nomination, you are almost certain to become a delegate.  To nominate yourself simply fill out the form at:
http://mccc-union.org/NOMINATIONS/form2015.html***The deadline is February 5th at 4:00PM, so please act now.***

MCCC provides delegates a $50 per day stipend, and pays for a shared hotel room for delegates who live more than 25 miles from Boston.

Why become a delegate this year?  Barbara Madeloni, the new president of the MTA, encourages more MCCC participation and welcomes our involvement, She takes the concerns of community college employees seriously. Your participation sends a strong, positive signal to Barbara and other MTA leaders, one that underscores a shared desire to work together for the benefit of all public sector educators. The Annual Meeting is likely to have lively debates and close votes on the issues.

If you are interested and would like more information, please contact me at 413-896-5219.

In service & solidarity.

Nick Camerota

MCCC Day Bargaining Team On-Line Survey

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